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About Us

Tremaine & Associates, Inc. is a small, woman-owned business, established in 1994, and headquartered in Dixon, CA.

Who We Are

Tremaine’s Dixon facility, approximately 2,300 square feet in size, includes office and laboratory spaces, and a warehouse for storing field equipment. 


Our services include all aspects of conventional cultural resources management: 


  • Feasibility Studies

  • Management Plans

  • Contextual Analysis

  • Archaeological Reconnaissance/Survey

  • Site Testing/Excavation

  • Mitigation

  • Cultural Resources Evaluations for Eligibility for CRHP and NRHP

  • Sensitivity Training for Construction Crews

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Tribal Consultation

  • Site Protection and Preservation

  • Geophysical Surveys

  • Geoprobe Soil Sampling


Our work is well researched, objective, and intended to facilitate projects by implementing more effective approaches.

Excavation-Emilio & Mike -USE ANYWHERE.JPG

What We Do

Tremaine has successfully completed a wide range of projects from small-scale, local land development to highly complex and demanding programs in the following sectors:


  • Communications 

    • Fiber Optics

    • Cellular Towers

  • Civil Engineering & Urban Construction

    • Sutter Hospital Expansion

    • Sacramento City Hall Expansion

  • Transportation 

    • Caltrans Projects

    • Bridge & Culvert Replacements

    • Road Widening

    • Street Extensions 

    • Streetscape Improvements

    • Airport Runways 

    • Light Rail Extensions

    • Regional Surface Transportation Program Overlay Projects

  • Water Resources 

    • Dams

    • Levees

    • Wetland Restoration

    • Pipeline Conveyance

  • Energy

    • Electrical Transmission

    • Natural Gas Lines/Storage

    • Solar Farms

    • Power Plants, & Hydroelectric

    • FERC Relicensing & Decommissioning Projects

  • Military Facilities

    • Underground tunnels at the border

  • Forestry

    • Timber Harvests

    • Forest Improvement Projects

    • Fire Damage Assessments


The locations of our projects range from our home here in the Sacramento Valley to the Sierra Mountains and North Coast Ranges to locations as distant as the Giza Plateau in Egypt.


We offer cultural resources management services in support of our clients, including compliance for:


  • CEQA

  • NEPA

  • Section 106 of NHPA

  • AB52 Regulations

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