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Featured Projects

Giza Plataeu

The Giza Plateau Mapping Project (2003) in Egypt, directed by Mark Lehner of AERA and sponsored by The National Geographic Society, employed electromagnetic induction surveys over 200 acres. Collaborating with the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the project aimed to map near-surface landscapes and buried features, including Menkaure's Quarry and the hypothesized harbor system from Egypt's Fourth Dynasty, using approximately 785,000 data points.

Sacramento City Hall

The City Hall Expansion Project (2003-2008) in Downtown Sacramento revealed a 5,500-year-old archaeological site through geophysical surveys and pre-demolition testing. Excavations uncovered diverse artifacts, offering insights into the area's prehistoric occupation during the Mid-Holocene.

Philadelphia House

The J & 9th Street Redevelopment Project in Downtown Sacramento unearthed the Philadelphia House, a prehistoric structure catering to German immigrants. Led by The Housing & Redevelopment Agency, extensive excavations recovered over 29,000 artifacts, offering insights into daily life at the hotel. Owned by Peter Newman, an immigrant, the establishment provided cultural comfort until its sale in 1887.

Wong Center Senior Apartments

The Wong Center Senior Apartments Project in Downtown Sacramento, managed by Mutual Housing, conducted geophysical surveys and subsurface investigations to identify buried resources before construction. Discoveries included a historic trash pit, sheet refuse, brick footing, and a hearth feature, guiding construction while preserving historical finds.

Sutter Expansion Project

TREMAINE is monitoring construction near Business 80 and Sutter’s Fort, following a sensitivity assessment for environmental impacts. Initial findings include a cannonball, multi-colored bottles, and a complete male skeleton, confirming the presence of a suspected Gold Rush-era cemetery under the intersection of 28th and L Streets.

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

During the seismic retrofit and modernization of a historical site at 1017 11th Street, a nearly six-feet long nineteenth-century two-handed sword was discovered, underscoring the site's rich history dating back to the 1850s.

Crocker Art Museum Expansion Project

A detailed study for the O Street project assessed impacts on historic resources through archival research and advanced surveys, identifying potential prehistoric and historic resource locations.

North Stone Lake

An electromagnetic survey by TREMAINE uncovered previously unknown prehistoric sites near North Stone Lake, demonstrating the effectiveness of their technology in detecting archaeological remains in areas with challenging terrain and vegetation.

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