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Crocker Art Museum Expansion Project

A detailed study for the O Street project assessed impacts on historic resources through archival research and advanced surveys, identifying potential prehistoric and historic resource locations.

Crocker Art Museum Expansion Project

This project is on O Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets. TREMAINE recently conducted a sensitivity study to identify potential impacts of the proposed project on historic and cultural resources as part of the environmental impact report (2003). Sensitivity was determined after conducting a records search of the project area and vicinity at the North Central Information Center (NCIC) of the California Historical Resources Information System, identifying any known or previously recorded prehistoric sites. Additional searches were made at the Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center (SAMCC), the Sacramento History Room at the Sacramento Public Library, and the California State Library (CSL), and elsewhere to gain information on the historic topography in the vicinity, any records of historic development (e.g., checking the City Assessor's map, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, GLO plat maps; historic photos etc.) prior to and following Crocker's occupation (e.g., B.F. Hastings), geological and soils maps, and historic aerials (prior to constructing Interstate 5). Historic maps were scanned and georeferenced to existing plans in an effort to evaluate subsurface resource-sensitivity within the bounds of the project.

Last year we conducted limited testing of Lot 1 after conducting electromagnetic and ground-penetrating radar surveys. These surveys, together with archival research, assist in determining where either prehistoric and/or historic resources may be located.

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