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Wong Center Senior Apartments

The Wong Center Senior Apartments Project in Downtown Sacramento, managed by Mutual Housing, conducted geophysical surveys and subsurface investigations to identify buried resources before construction. Discoveries included a historic trash pit, sheet refuse, brick footing, and a hearth feature, guiding construction while preserving historical finds.

Wong Center Senior Apartments

Wong Center Senior Apartments Project
530 7th Street, Downtown Sacramento
Client: Mutual Housing

Identify buried resources prior to construction
Provide guidance should discoveries be encountered during construction

A near-surface geophysical survey was conducted as an initial step toward identifying buried resources where apparent conductivity and magnetic susceptibility measurements were gathered over portions of the project area.

An additional minimally invasive subsurface investigation was undertaken to provide additional insight into the subsurface conditions using a limited number of Geoprobe bores. Compiled evidence suggested remnants of historic deposits are likely to have survived impacts from demolition and subsequent railyard development.

Pre-construction data recovery and construction monitoring uncovered a buried historic trash pit, historic sheet refuse, structure brick footing, and a hearth feature.

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